In the best traditions of the East!
Veritable oriental hospitality
Atmosphere full of generational heritage
A place where culture rises to the heights
THE teahouse HISTORY
NAVAT Chaikhana is the oasis of Eastern culture where its guests experience the unique journey tasting the amazing flavors, authentic aesthetics and impeccable hospitality.
The trending history of our ancestors, brought to life in every dish to provide an unforgettable timeless experience. Chaikhana NAVAT is the result of fusion of reverence for oriental culture and modern traditions.

The story of its creation began when the founders realized the lack of authentic oriental restaurants where you could fully immerse yourself in the ethno vibe and enjoy the special flavors of the oriental food.

This is what became their passion and dream - to create a restaurant that would convey the heritage of oriental food and the fabulous atmosphere of the Orient. It took years of learning recipes, improving skills and recruiting staff who would share a passion for excellence.
Today NAVAT Chaikhana has become the oasis for connoisseurs of the canons of oriental culture, offering the unique flavors and first-class experiences. Its interior transports the guests to the world of ethno-eastern eclecticism and gastrotourism, creating a perfect combination of hedonism and ethnic traditions within the digital age.

The menu offers a wide range of dishes prepared using only the freshest and ingredients of the highest quality. Here each guest becomes a part of the sacred history of the East, experiencing the distinctive journey by trying the tastes, aromas and hospitality of the national community of NAVAT Chaikhana