Banquette parties
Tusau Keser
Parents' acquaintance
Meetings with the nearest and dearest
Any other events
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Our benefits:
Tasty food
Our menu features the best dishes of oriental and European cuisine, prepared with love and adding a pinch of soul for you and your guests.
Company meals
Our banquet dishes per company with interesting showy presentation are worthy of special attention.
Oriental Hospitality
We are famous for our true oriental hospitality and high level of service.
VIP-booths are free of charge
The capacity of the booths is from 12 to 30 persons. If your guests are a little bit more, please let us know and we will find a solution.
Our benefits:
You can bring your own
You can bring your own candies with you.
Children's playgrounds and children's menu
When holding children's and family events our playgrounds, where your children will be supervised by an animator, are available for you.
We are open to negotiations
We always listen out for the wishes of our guests - we are willing to provide with the most comfortable conditions for your event to be held.
Locations anywhere in the city
You can choose one of our establishments situated closer to your home - we have 5 establishments within Almaty.
We are always here for you:
Dostyk Ave/, 48
Seyfullin Ave., 500/79
Al-Farabi, 77/1,
Esentai apartments
Abylaikhan Ave., 58 A
Miras mkr. 2/29
Presidential Park
ADDRESSES in Almaty:
Kabanbai batyr Ave., 21, Asia Park shopping Center
Dostyk Street, 13
Mangilik El Street, 27